ONline Breastfeeding Clinic

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We are members of the Ontario Breastfeeding Network, one of the largest collectives of breastfeeding experts in Ontario.   IBCLCs, Nurses, Midwives, Pediatricians, Researchers, Peer to Peer Counsellors, Administrators, Doulas, Volunteers and Local Resources work together to help parents meet their breastfeeding goals. 

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Our Vision

We are a Network of Breastfeeding Specialists working with local resources to connect all Ontario families with free breastfeeding support ONline, and in their community.  Health Care Providers, Volunteers, Community Resources and Parents each have a different, equally important role in supporting breastfeeding, chestfeeding, and breastmilk fed children in Ontario.  

Our Mission

We are Health Care Providers meeting parents where they are, via free Ohip eVisits, to deliver practical, evidence based breastfeeding support.  We connect parents to local Volunteers and Community Resources to provide additional or ongoing support to parents as needed.  

Ontario Telehealth eVisits with 

Bethany Heintz, LC


Ontario Telehealth eVisits with 

Fara Patterson, LC